The Central Services are inaugurated as Violet Point

The State Public Employment Service (SEPE), in its commitment against gender violence, celebrated on 12 March the inauguration of the Violet Points installed in the Employment and Benefits Offices of the Community of Madrid, the Provincial Directorate of Madrid and the Central Services of our Organisation. 

Punto Violeta Portada

The event was attended by Francisco Martín Aguirre, Government Delegate in the Community of Madrid, and Gerardo Gutiérrez Ardoy, Director General of the SEPE, who closed the event. 

Also present were Pilar Trinidad Núñez, subdelegate of the Government, and part of the SEPE management team, with Aurora Diz Monje, deputy director general of Resources and Organisation, María Antonia Agudo Riaza, deputy director general of Institutional Relations and Legal Assistance, and Ricardo Cuesta García, provincial director of Madrid. 

The SEPE is involved in the fight against gender violence, a structural problem that requires a firm commitment from all administrations and society as a whole, by joining this network of Violet Points. 


What is a Purple Point? 

A violet point is a safe place for victims of gender-based violence where they will be looked after, supported and accompanied. At these points they know about the support services for victims of domestic violence. 

You can tell when a place is a violet dot by looking at the door if there is a sticker with a round violet badge like this one on the door: 



The violet dot is an instrument promoted by the Ministry of Equality to involve the whole of society in the fight against gender violence and male violence and to spread, on a massive scale, the information necessary to know how to act when faced with a case of violence against women. 

This tool is part of the catalogue of urgent measures of the Improvement and Modernisation Plan promoted by different ministries of the Spanish Government in the context of the male chauvinist alarm of the last few months and represents a change of focus in public policies of attention to victims, situating male violence as a structural problem that requires the involvement of society as a whole in order to put an end to it. 



  • To involve the whole of society in the fight against gender violence. 
  • To bring comprehensive services closer to the victims through their environment. 
  • To provide information on how to act in the event of gender violence to establishments, organisations, companies and public bodies. 


Tools of the Violet Point 

The Violet Point (Punto Violeta - Government Delegation against Gender Violence) provides tools that enable comprehensive care to be provided in public spaces: 

Guía Punto Violeta para actuar frente a la Violencia Machista: a guide with information on how to act when faced with a case of male violence in your environment, as well as resources for the victims themselves. It also includes information on what gender violence is, its different manifestations, and how to detect it. 

Materials for establishments, entities, companies, public bodies: posters and stickers with a QR code linked to the Guía Punto Violeta para actuar frente a la Violencia Machista (Purple Dot Guide to act against Gender Violence), which aim to indicate that this space is a safe place for victims, where they can receive information and support if they need it. 

Badges to identify people involved in the fight against gender violence: anyone who uses them will represent a gateway for women victims to access the resources they need. 


Access the complete guide through the following link: Guide Punto Violeta