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Our mission

The State Centre for counselling, support Entrepreneurship and innovation for employment is part of the Red COE, an initiative comprising 20 public centres scattered throughout the national territory, working together to strengthen the public employment services and improve the effectiveness of active employment policies.

As agent, the state centre promotes and encourages the actions of the members of the Red COE.

In cooperation with other public facilities, the state centre promotes the evaluation of good practices in public employment services and promotes the momentum of innovative projects to enhance the employability, equal opportunities and quality employment.

Red COE. Red de Centros Públicos de Orientación, Emprendimiento, Acompañamiento e Innovación para el Empleo

Discover the network COE

The Network of Public Guidance, Entrepreneurship, Accompaniment and Innovation Centers for Employment is spread over 20 public centres throughout Spain. The Network works together to promote innovation in respect of employment and to advise people and businesses in the search for new job opportunities.

Functions of the State Centre

As part of the network COE, the state centre promotes and carries out the following functions:


Assess and qualified undertaking of good practices for extended to other employment services and territories.


Designing innovative actions and develop pilot projects on counselling, search and mediation.


Develop and implement a plan of ongoing training for counsellors that include specific training on equal treatment and opportunities between women and men.


Designing entrepreneurship models for implementation in pilot projects.


Supporting the coordination of entrepreneurship projects associated with the capitalization of unemployment benefit (payment of aid).


Monitor and control all of the proceedings of the agencies that promote self-employment, as well as those responsible for supporting employment and creation in labour cooperatives and societies.


Being in contact with representative associations of self-employed workers and the social economy, as well as with other social and economic agents from the scope of the guidance and innovation in employment

  • NextGenerationEu
  • Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia

Recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience


The Network is a COE undertaking envisaged in the recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience financed by the european Union - NextGenerationEU. This plan is a tool of Spain for channelling funds for the recovery of the European union aimed at alleviating the impact of the crisis of COVID- 19.


The implementation of the network is an investment component 23 of this plan, which aims to achieve a labour market more dynamic, resilient, inclusive and prepared for the challenges.


The Recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience mission is to increase productivity and growth towards a green spain, digital, inclusive, with greater territorial cohesion and without gender gaps.


Visit the headquarters of the State Centre

You can know the headquarters of the State Centre through the virtual tour. You are guided by its unity of direction of workers and businesses, its networking and open space and multifunctional aimed at organizing various activities and events.