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State Centre

What is the state centre?

How do i get from the state centre?

What services does the State Center offer?

How are the state centre for each of the public of the Red COE?

How can you help me the State Centre?


What is the Red COE?

How come the counselling centres, counselling, enterprise and innovation for employment?

What is the relationship between the Red COE with the national system of Employment?

How we can finance the Red COE?

What is the structure of the Red COE?

What is the difference between the services offered by the Red COE and SEPE?

Care and contact

If I need guidance, who can I turn to?

How can i contact Centro Estatal?

Can I be attended in person at the State Center?

Services of the web site

How can i attend an event?

Data and navigation

What data is collected about me when browsing the portal?

May I suggest an improvement in this portal?