Implementation of the itinerary of service CPD

Fundae is carrying out the project development of a structure on the internet to form in the field of service CPD.


This project is funded by the recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience under programme 11, “ modernization of public administrations, 2, Investment Projects tractors of digitizing General state administration, line 1 developments on the Internet, space platforms app, ppp training resources for the extension of the system of vocational training for jobs ”.

That is why we are heading for you to inform you that Fundae has opened its website the pre-registration of students of the service of a data-processing centre. The start of the training on the continental Training will be the first days of june.

This launch responds to the needs identified for professionals in this sector, in anticipation of opening, in the short and medium term, of new centres of processing of data in Spain. The creation of such centres will require professionals with a multidisciplinary knowledge in various sectors, and is there, where training these routes will contribute to the effective link of supply and demand.

For all this and for the development of the project, Fundae has signed a contract with International Edibon, S.A. As a result of this collaboration has launched this programme, with unlimited training places, which counts with formal accreditation of the SEPE.

•    Technical service Maintenance of a data processing centre: 550 hours, including 125 hours of non-labour practices in companies.


— a technical (FP Medium Grade) or equivalent in the areas of electricity and electronics or installation and maintenance; or be in possession of a certificate of professionalism of the specialties of electricity, electronics, mechanical or industrial property; or title of THIS and work experience in some of these training specialties (2 years);

— english Level B1

Detail the content of the learning pathway Service in CPD:

The aim of this programme is that the largest number of persons acquire the skills and competencies required, to find a job in a Data Center. It Is a novel, online training, through a platform USG (LMS). These students will have a frontrunner in this sector and will be a potential future in the labour market, and encourage you to pass you the opportunity to have them, to enable them to carry out their non-labour practices in your business.

Since Fundae, we also believe that, for a large number of professionals, with higher educational qualifications and experience in the sector, can be an opportunity to work together and form as trainers in these subjects.

It is within this framework with which we call for your active collaboration not only to disseminate this release and to offer this possibility of participation to companies but also in the making, depending on your experience and contact with the requirements in the field of employment and training, a pre-selection of candidates who preinscriban on the website of the foundation and will thus be able to opt for this opportunity to offer.

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The persons selected for your party you reported in the following e-mail: