TándEM programme: training and employment in non-profit entities

This programme is one of those included in the specific Investment in Youth Employment in the framework of the recovery Plan, Transformation and Resilience (PRTR). It is the result of coordinated european response to member states to address the economic and social consequences of the pandemic.

Orientation Centro Estatal
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The programme TándEM, inspired by the proper functioning of the workshop schools and workshops on employment managed directly by the Public Service of State Employment (SEPE) responds to a twofold challenge: the training of unskilled young people and their practical work, opening up real prospects for a stable life.

For the implementation of the investments in the recovery Plan, Spain will receive a total of approximately 140 billion euros.
TándEM project, as dual training to employment, be brought by both bodies, agencies and other entities of the public sector and the known as the third sector.

Work experience in the third sector

The entities that are involved to provide the citizenship of social value, train and recruit young people concerned to give them lessons in organizations with high level of expertise and vocation of service. It is estimated that more than 1,000 young persons may be potential beneficiaries of TándEM in third sector organisations.

The Young to promote employment in Ceuta

The Provincial Directorate of public service of State Employment (SEPE) in Ceuta, has made a firm commitment to these entities. this way, with funds of PRTR, the SEPE has selected 12 draft eight non-profit organizations.

In TándEM, it enhances the Vocational Training (FP) dual (training and employment) in youth ceutíes under 30 years contained as a jobseeker and have no specific training in the area that will obtain the certification of professionalism.

Work in the socio-sanitary field in Full Inclusion in Spain

One of these eight entities of the dual training project is Full Inclusion Spain.
Full Inclusion contributes, with support and opportunities, to which each person with intellectual disabilities to develop a real life project with real options of integration.
In Ceuta are already developing training young people 15 once will complete the certificate of professionalism in the area of social health care: all this, after having made 9 months of work in Full Inclusion with wages corresponding to the 75% of the remuneration given by the convention.

The SEPE will follow-up to a project that have a triple benefit:

The young person: a jobseeker: learn a trade and makes your social vocation in a profession

Teachers: a qualified professional activity technical

The city of Ceuta: located in TándEM a response to the local need to have persons specialized in care for citizenship.