The SEPE Fair CLASSROOM in order to bring the youth employment

CLASSROOM 2024, the international student and the Availability Of Education, was held from 6 to 10 march 2024 at the Juan Carlos I, Madrid IFEMA.


The SEPE as usual, participated with a booth to report on employment opportunities and programmes such as Youth Guarantee designed for young people.


At its 32nd edition, the chamber held a wide range of academic and training, which was attended by universities, both public and private, vocational training centres, specialized schools in artistic, kitchen, tourism, fashion, languages, among others, in addition to sectoral enterprises and organizations at the national level.


During the day, the SEPE involved the participation of the foundation for the on-the-job training (FUNDAE) to provide information on the platform of Digitalízateplus training and the different training credited.


At the booth, young people on the job opportunities and addressing the various training programmes offered by the Youth Guarantee SEPE as Plus, the observatory of occupations, programmes for persons between 16 and 30 years within the recovery Plan as well as general information.